E-book Library

ePlatform is a library lending system designed to make the borrowing and reading of eBooks as well as the listening of Audiobooks simple and enjoyable.

Through ePlatform our children can browse for, borrow and read eBooks and Audiobooks anywhere, anytime, on multiple devices.

Your child has a unique username and password so that they can access the ePlatform.

The simplest way to read eBooks or listen to Audiobooks is to access the free ePlatform app. Through this app the children can easily find our school library, then access all of our titles and read or listen to them via their browser – even if offline, all via their tablet or smartphone.

Audiobooks can be accessed just like the eBooks, but for offline listening, you will have to download the title first.

Click here to access the ePlatform or follow the link on our main page for E-Book Library.