Background Information

We are Year 6 and are the creators of P.O.P - Pack of Positivity.  We have been working hard this half term on an enterprise topic. We have worked in different teams (advertising, finance, packaging, writing and artwork) to create this high quality product.
The children of Year 6 have chosen the quotes and designed and created the artwork so that children will be encouraged by the cards.
We have made this pack because we want pupils to be happy and not upset; so they have confidence in themselves, don't have to worry about anything and feel inspired to achieve anything!
We believe that we can be successful and help people at the same time.
We are currently selling these P.O.P from our school - Pegswood Primary School - and are wanting to expand on where we are selling them as well as spreading the word.
Made by kids, for kids!
If you are interested in finding more out about our packs or would like to purchase any please email us on for more details. 
If you would like to sponsor 50 packs of our cards and display your business logo and details on every pack, please click here.
If you would like to buy a pack, please click here to download an order form.