The Internet is now regarded as an essential resource to support teaching and learning. The curriculum requires pupils to learn how to locate, retrieve and exchange information using ICT. In delivering the curriculum, teachers need to plan to integrate the use of communications technology such as web-based resources and e-mail and mobile learning, such as phones and touch screen tablet devices. Computer skills are vital to access life-long learning and employment; indeed computing is now seen as an essential life-skill.

Young people have access to the Internet from many places, home, school, friends’ homes, libraries and in many cases mobile phones. Schools have a number of services to help ensure that curriculum use is safe and appropriate, however, access out of school does not usually have these services and has a range of risks associated with its use. Schools are ideally placed to help young people learn to become e-safe. Our policy is designed to ensure safe internet use by pupils not only in school, but also while on-line at home or elsewhere. Click below to view our policy.
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